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    • Eyeglass Repair

      A lot of people love the glasses they already have and when it breaks they can’t replace it because they've been discontinued by the manufacturer. Bring them into to us and let us work on fixing your broken eyeglass frames and try to save that favourite pair of eyeglasses that you thought you couldn’t use again. 

      We can repair your metal eyeglass frames including titanium! Our team of highly trained and certified technicians who developed the laser welding technique to successfully repair eyeglasses. 

      With Laser Welding it produces a microscopic light beam of incredible energy to precisely melt the broken surfaces of metals back together, without damaging the surrounding area. The special argon atmosphere eliminates the oxygen and is the only way in the world to repair titanium.

      Laser welding is 400% stronger than soldering – and 100% biocompatible. Solder contains nickel and copper and can cause a negative allergic or irritating reaction in some people. Laser welding technology uses only pure gold, pure silver and/or pure titanium as filler metals.

      Come in and see us, there's no appointment necessary for eyeglass repairs.

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