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  • 5 Top Ray Ban Sunglasses for Summer Season 2016

    July 7, 2016 | eye fashion
  • Welcome to our new eye fashion blog giving you the latest eye fashion trends by guest fashionista writer Alyssa Messi.


    If you’re feeling that your eyes usually get tired when you’re driving or when you are working on a screen for several hours you need to avoid the sharp lighting that continuously impacts your eyes. If this condition continues for a longer period of time, you are likely to get migraines, fever and headache etc.. which will eventually compromise your daily performance. There are many brands which not only provide high quality and classy sunglasses for its customers but they also take care of your eye health seriously. Ray Ban is one of the most well known and famous above all other brands for providing designer eyewear and sunglasses that are stylish but also take care of your eyes. Here are 5 top Ray Ban sunglasses you can use in this summer 2016 for your eye protection and convenience:

  • 1. Aviator AT Collection

    Aviator AT collection has been considered one of the best sunglasses in the world and even US pilots are using Ray-Ban Aviator as it provides a timeless design along with extraordinary light reduction features and comfort wearing. Its gold frame is made from metal and one can use blue or gray classic lenses in Aviator AT collection sunglasses.


  • 2. Aviator Flash Lenses Gradient

    These are another aviator sunglasses especially made for sun protection and to reduce reflection. Ray Ban use black rims in these mirror to shine it along with a lightweight metal frame which offers resilience and give a boost to your style. This frame is available in black color with orange gradient flash lenses.

  • 3. Clubround

    These sunglasses are usually popular in young people especially who live in metropolitan cities. This design is inspired from Bohemian creativity, and is also known as the combination of Clubmaster and round style trends of sunglasses. Its new and unique colors i.e. tortoise and black colors have instantly become popular and iconic among sunglasses. Moreover, its premium quality, acetate frame material and phantos sun shape offers a relatively more flexible and bold identity for the person wearing it. Its lenses are known as Green Classic G-15. 


  • 4. Original Wayfarer Classic

    Like Clubround, its frame material is also made up of acetate material and it is known as the most recognized eyewear in sunglasses history. Original Wayfarer Classics have always been popular among artists, musicians and actors (who can forget Tom Cruise wearing these in Risky Business) since 1952 as it offers an iconic style with beautiful black color and polarized green classic lens. Its lens is also available in different polarized forms such as crystal green and crystal grey gradient etc.


  • 5. Hexagonal Flat Lenses

    Today round has been replaced by flat lenses.

    These hexagonal flat sunglasses provide a rather perfect view for your eyes through its mix and match base colors and thin temples present on its gold frame. It has metal frame material and light blue gradient flash lens. You would definitely want to wear these sunglasses that can make you experience how it is to view a square peg through a round hole. That would be fun, right?

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