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    • Emergency Eye Exams

    • Our Calgary eye doctors are always willing to help, should you ever experience an eye emergency. Please contact us if you notice any changes to your vision or eyes, certain eye symptoms can indicate the need for emergency care. No appointments are necessary, our staff will ensure one of our Optometrists is able to see you right away.  Emergency eye care visits are covered by Alberta Health Care.

      Please come visit our offices if you have the following:

      • Eye Infections
      • Foreign materials stuck in the eyes
      • Loss of Vision
      • Lost or broken contact lenses or eyeglasses
      • Burning or Stinging
      • Eye trauma
      • “Floaters” in the vision
      • Flashes of light in the vision
      • Pupils that are not the same size
      • Scratched eyes
      • One eye is not moving like the other
      • One eye is sticking out or bulging
      • Eye Pain
      • Decreased Vision
      • Double Vision
      • Redness and Irritation
      • Light Sensitivity
      • Dislodged contact lenses
      • Bruising Around the Eye
      • Bleeding from the Eye
      • Blood in the white part of the eye
      • Discharge from the eye
      • Severe Itching
      • New or Severe Headaches
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