Specialized Eye Care Services

Advanced Eye Care Services Tailored to Your Unique Needs: Discover Our Specialized Services Today!

The doctors at Crescent Heights Optometry are board certified and have advanced training in the treatment and management of eye disease to the utmost standards.

Ongoing continuing education combined with modern state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment ensures we remain current on eye health issues, and technological advancements and provide you with the best possible vision.



Our recommended treatments for patients can include eyeglassescontact lenses, low vision aids, eye coordination exercises, drug therapies, or referrals to appropriate specialists for advanced medical, surgical or laser treatments.

In addition to prescribing glasses and contacts, our optometrists can also prescribe medication to treat infections, inflammations, and allergies. We can treat eye injuries, including removing foreign bodies. Crescent Heights Optometrists will also assess unusual or sudden vision changes and various conditions causing eye pain – and, when necessary, our optometrists will provide referrals to other specialists.


Emergency Eye Exams

If you experience an eye emergency, No Appointment is necessary. Our Optometrists will see you right away.

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Diabetic Patients

Diabetes is the number one leading cause of blindness in Canada. If diagnosed early, medicines and other treatments can help prevent your eyes from getting worse.

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Dry Eye Consultations

Suffer from Dry Eyes? Good news, our vision clinic can help by offering a variety of treatment options to deal with this condition.

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Special Contact Lens Fittings

We offer lenses that are custom fit for a variety of conditions including Keratoconus, Pellucid Degeneration, Post Surgical, High Prescriptions, Multifocals, Prosthetic, and more.

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Glaucoma is the number two cause of blindness and the cause is still unknown. Find out more about the range of treatment options at Crescent Heights Optometry.

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Pre- and Post-Op Care

We handle Pre- and Post-Op care for Cataract surgery, Laser surgery, and Corneal Transplant Surgery.

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