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      Our family Optometrists have been leading they way as eye care providers for optometry services and vision care products in Calgary since 2013, and we want to help you achieve and maintain clear vision.

      Crescent Heights experienced optometrists offer complete vision and eye health exams, surgical referrals and Co-Management of eye diseases. Our eye doctors use advanced diagnostic technology and vision correction products plus we are committed to improving the quality of life for our patients by enhancing their vision. Schedule an appointment with one of our optometrists today and give yourself the gift of clear vision!

    • Eye Examination

      eye exams

      In an eye examination our optometrists diagnose, treat and help prevent diseases and disorders affecting the visual system, the eye and related structures. our eye doctors also assist in identifying general health conditions that are often first detected through an eye exam, provide referrals to specialists and our family optometrists can help manage post-eye-surgery health.


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    • At Crescent Heights Optometry we offer a wide range of specialized eye care services including dry eyes, glaucoma, diabetic treatments, etc. Our optometrists provide comprehensive eye care using the latest treatment techniques and procedures with state-of-the-art equipment to patients of all ages. 

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    • Eyeglass Repair

      Eyeglass Repair

      A lot of people love the glasses they already have and when they break they usually can’t replace them because they've been discontinued by the manufacturer. Bring them into to us and let us work on fixing your broken eyeglass frames and try to save that favorite pair of eyeglasses that you thought you couldn’t use again. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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    • Contact Lens Fitting

      Contact Lens Fitting

      Eye exams for contact lenses include special tests that typically are not performed in routine eye exams for eyeglasses. So if you are interested in contacts or you already wear them and want to have your contact lens prescription updated, make sure you say so when you schedule your appointment for an eye exam. This will ensure your exam includes extra time for our family optometrists to perform additional tests needed for a proper contact lens fitting or prescription update.

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