Eye Safety During The Christmas Holidays

The holiday season is an exciting time of year for all ages. But it’s also a common time for eye injuries.

The holiday season is nearly here and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

However, the tiniest piece of glitter may turn the most wonderful time of year into the most harmful time of year for your eyes.

“You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!”

The 1983 classic holiday film, A Christmas Story, has had us reciting this memorable quote for years. But it doesn’t just apply to Red Ryder BB Guns. Whether you’re popping open a bottle of champagne or decorating the Christmas tree, your eyes may be in danger.

Here are some typical holiday scenarios that could result in eye injury and a few preventative tips.

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree
Christmas tree injuries are common during the holiday season. Your eyes may be at risk in a variety of ways.

  • When cutting or handling your Christmas tree, make sure to wear protective eyewear. Your eyes may come in contact with dust or tree sap, which can cause an eye infection.
  • Decorating your tree with glass ornaments can pose a risk to kids and adults. Make sure to hang them out of reach of small children. Also, check to see if any ornaments or lights are cracked or broken before hanging them to prevent serious injuries.
  • The tree’s pine needles are sharp and dangerous for our eyes. When decorating or placing gifts by the tree, try not to put items too far under the tree so you can prevent eager eyes from being scratched or poked.

Pop the Champagne!

The holidays naturally call for social gatherings and celebrations. For adults, make sure to remember eye safety when popping open the champagne bottle.

  1. When it’s time to open the bottle of champagne, hold the cork down when you’re removing the wire wrapped around the cork.
  2. A great way to prevent the champagne from spraying or cork flying is to use a towel and point it away from yourself and others.
  3. Once you’re finally ready, hold the bottle at about a 45-degree angle and gently pull the cork out.

Toys, Toys, Toys!

It’s finally Christmas morning, and the kids are ripping open their gifts. Children are so excited to open their toys and start playing that safety is the last thing on their minds. Unfortunately, toys cause the most eye-related injuries during the holiday season.

  1. When children are playing with their new toys, supervise them to make sure they’re playing with them safely.
  2. Do your best not to purchase toys with sharp edges or harmful parts.
  3. Make sure the toy is age appropriate for the child.

We Wish You a Happy Holiday!

From all of us at Crescent Heights Optometry we wish you a holiday season full of love, celebration, and safety! Decorate the tree, pop the champagne, and play with the toys all while protecting your eyes to ensure a happy and safe one.

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