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  • The Top Trending 2016/2017 Designer Glasses for Women

    December 7, 2016 | eye fashion
  • Eye fashion trends by guest fashionista writer Alyssa Messi.

    Designer sunglasses or simple glasses are considered one of the major elements present in any modern woman’s wardrobe. Although sometimes women often like to wear sunglasses just to avoid sun rays and to protect their eyes yet today designer glasses are worn to appear fashionable and attractive in front of others. Don’t you think a woman with designer sunglasses or even with simple eyewear that suits them would look more attractive and appealing than that of the woman without glasses? Of course, they look more charming and stylish when they wear elegant designer eyewear.

    This blog will not just describe some of the trending designer glasses that are popular among women these days but it will focus on what kind of features and shapes where trending in 2016 among designer glasses.

  • 1. Oversized Eye Wear

    Have you seen any fashion shows that were organized in New York, Milan, London or Paris? If you have, you would’ve noticed that oversized glasses were mostly popular and models looked more elegant and attractive with bright colors. Most of the colors were blue, green, yellow and red.

  • When people are looking for oversized eye wears, they usually go for their oversized rims and floral frame embellishment. Designer brands such as Guess, Ray Ban and Coach are particularly popular for such flashy and glamorous eye wear designs.

    Here are a few oversized eye wears offered by these designer eye wear brands:



    Coach Celia Polarized Sunglasses

  • 2. Cat Eye Sunglasses

    Although many women love to wear fancy and oversized eyewear this season the cat eye sunglasses are appear to be equally as popular this year. Many of the frame designers are taking two of their most revered styles, round and cat eye, and combining into a single look. The cat eye frame certainly adds a certain charisma and gracefulness to your personality. This trendy style takes gives that vintage classic look of old Hollywood.

  • Geometric Design eyewear is one of the most popular designs that ruled the ramps in this years fashion shows. It’s a surprising addition since round shape pentagon frames are not usually considered by women. Appartently this design goes hand in hand with the whole IT boom happening around the world.

  • 3. Geometric Glasses

    This is one of the most popular eye wear designs for 2016 that ruled the ramps. It’s a surprising addition as such round shape pentagon frames are not usually considered by women.

  • 4. Aviators are certainly back

    It’s definitely the right time to wear your aviators again especially in conventional brown and black colors. Plastic frames, which come with a dual color tone is also an interesting addition to the aviator trend. Here are a few aviator designer frames offered by Ray Ban:

  • Aviator Flash Lenses Gradient

  • Clubround

  • Original Wayfarer Classic

  • Keep posted on more women's fashion trends to hit the runways this season in our next Fashion eyewear blogs.  

    Interested in getting the latest fashion trends for yourself? Make an appointment with Crescent Heights Optometry and discover your look from a wide range of our designer glasses.

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